Hans Cappelle
Android Expert @ KBC - Photography Enthusiast @ Home


Devoxx Voting System

I'm part of the team that created the NFC enabled voting system at Devoxx 2012. On leaving a talk people could use their nfc enabled wristband to up or down vote a talk.

For more info visit the official devoxx website. If you have a parleys.com account you can watch the talk online.

Photo Tools App

Photo Tools is a free Android app with the following description on Google Play.

A collection of Photography tools for professionals and ambitious amateurs. Photography Tools bundled in one free application. Please note that this is a tool for professional photographers with some background knowledge required..

KBC Mobile Banking App

Bank on your smartphone where and when you want with KBC Mobile.

It's packed with great features that let you transfer funds in real time between your own accounts or to accounts at other banks, view your account balance and transactions and make payments between two smartphones.


Some of my featured work. For obvious reasons these are only posts that got permission to share my work and is by no means complete. You can find the original posts by following the link at the bottom of each image.

Featured by kapla, see original here.

Featured by stationschef, see original here.

And an overview of my instagram accounts where most of my latest work can be found. I have two personal accounts, one for landscape & architecture and one for street photography.

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I studied Photography and IT in Gent and started my career at Securex as a Java developer. Then made the switch to consultancy working in the financial sector for companies like Swift, BNP Paribas Fortis and now KBC.

In my spare time I was working on several Android apps gathering experience while at the same time KBC was looking for people to join the Mobile team. So within the first year of deployment at KBC I switched from Java to Android where I've been working since 2012.